Freelancing Success: All In Your Head?

When I was starting out as a freelancer, I recognized I needed “something else” to succeed. Something beyond skills, talent, connections, or opportunities. I later learned it was called “mindset,” and it’s something I’m still mastering today. I interviewed  business coach Therese Skelly to give us an overview of the “success mindset” – including some very practical tips. Read on!

Success Mindset for Freelancers

What is “mindset”?

Mindset is what I consider to be the conscious and unconscious beliefs you hold. It’s your way of “being” and seeing yourself, your capabilities, your possibilities and how life unfolds for you.

Why is having the right mindset important for success?

There are lots of blueprints and tactics you could follow to learn to grow a business. But without the supporting mindset, often success is elusive. You must be able to keep going when things get hard, push yourself past what you think you can do, have confidence to charge more, and the ability to be a powerful leader/influencer. Very often on the success path it’s more the “being” than the doing, and that takes mastery.

Could mindset alone be responsible for a person to fail?

Absolutely. If there is an unconscious belief that it’s bad to make a lot of money or that you don’t deserve love, happiness or success, then when it comes to you, you would have to repel it. I have had numerous clients come to me, having spent thousands of dollars on all the externals – websites, copywriting, branding, mentoring – but they were still not able to create success. When we go in and find the hidden blocks to this and release them, that’s when money/success soon follows.

What’s a “success mindset”? Is it just about positive thinking?

It’s partially thinking positively, but I’d also say it has a great deal to do with the sense of knowing that the desire you have for yourself is YOURS. It doesn’t live “out there,” it actually is here, right now. But your work is to release what’s in the way of that, always be in service of that, and know that you can rise above anything that would interfere with it.

How can a person develop a success mindset, especially one who’s just starting out in business (and haven’t accomplished a lot yet)?

I often think that our brilliance lives in our blind spot. We have skills/talent that are amazing, but we either don’t value it, or don’t think people will pay for it because it comes so easy to us.

So the first way to develop a success mindset is to take an inventory of all the successes you have had. Notice even the intangible traits like leadership and compassion and other things that others around you benefitted from.

Then notice all the “stories’ you have in your head about how or why you aren’t enough. Challenge them. You must learn not to listen to the negative tapes that play in your mind, bringing you down.

Then, decide who you want to be and how you want to feel. Here’s an example – before I was actually earning over $100k, I had a big note in my office that said, “I am a multi-six figure business coach.” I looked at it every day. I believed so much in that that the “reality” of my not earning that at the time didn’t matter. I KNEW it was mine to do and I kept affirming it and believing that it was mine today. And today it has come true! It became my identity and my destiny because I was unwavering in my belief that it was mine to do.

Therese Skelly Success MindsetTherese Skelly works with heart centered entrepreneurs who love what they do and are ready to grow their business in a much easier and more authentic way. She has a background as psychotherapist, strategist, and business consultant. Learn more about Therese at

PS from Lexi:

If you want to develop a success mindset, I highly recommend “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth,” by T. Harv Eker. I’m reading it now and, although it’s sometimes a bit too whoo-whoo for me, it makes sense most of the time. Have you read it? If so, what did you think of it? Do you have other books or resources about success mindset you recommend? Do share!

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