TheSavvyFreelancer.com is a blog created to provide resources on how to freelance – not just any kind of freelancing, but the SAVVY kind. What – or who – is a savvy freelancer?

A savvy freelancer is somebody who is not only skilled in his or her field, but is also a savvy entrepreneur. Savvy freelancers:

  • position themselves in a way that gives them an edge over competitors
  • invest in themselves, continually honing their skills and gaining new ones
  • have a clear idea of their target clients
  • use the Internet, web 2.0 and social media to market their services
  • are comfortable marketing themselves online and offline
  • know how to leverage the expertise of others to produce work they could not accomplish alone
  • have multiple streams of income so they’re not trading hours for dollars
  • treat freelancing as a business rather than a job they do at home, or something to fill in their time in between jobs

In other words, savvy freelancers enjoy the freedom to do only the work they love to sustain the lifestyle they desire! It takes time and effort to reach this state.

TheSavvyFreelancer.com exists to provide the resources, guidance and support freelancers need so they can attain wealth and freedom.

TheSavvyFreelancer.com was created by Alexis Rodrigo, a freelance copywriter and online marketing consultant. Before freelancing, Lexi worked in the United Nations for over 10 years. Now Lexi is living her dream of being home for her family while pursuing her professional goals.

Freelancer Mom Biking

Lexi began freelancing a bit by accident. As a stay at home Mom, she knew she wanted to keep working somehow, to contribute to the family finances and continue growing professionally. However, she did not know exactly how she would do this. An avid Internet surfer, Lexi met Internet marketer and work at home Mom, Nicole Dean, online. Nicole hired Lexi to write some web content for her. Before long, Lexi was making enough money to buy groceries for her family of five.

At that point, Lexi did not have a professional website. She did not even call herself a freelancer. But she realized that freelancing was a cool way for her to stay at home and make money at the same time.

Even as a part-time freelancer, Lexi experienced most if not all the pitfalls freelancers experience. She found herself trading hours for dollars, getting frantic when a client stopped hiring her, and feeling burned out. At one point, Lexi no longer enjoyed writing. Lexi knew there had to be a way for her to do what she wanted without being a slave to her at-home “job”.

A light bulb lit up in Lexi’s head when she came across and read “The Unlimited Freelancer,” a book written by the founders of Freelance Folder. While reading that book, Lexi formed a clear vision of the total home business she wants, where her clients, her blogging, her love of writing and marketing all came together. Soon after, TheSavvyFreelancer.com was born.

Lexi is not a freelancing guru who earns a six-figure income. She has never even won a bid on Elance. She is an information and learning junkie who spends hundreds of dollars a month to develop new skills and become, eventually, a savvy freelancer who enjoys true wealth and freedom. Maybe it’s the Mommy in her, maybe it’s the teacher in her, or maybe it’s just her propensity to dispense good advice, even to complete strangers – but Lexi got this crazy idea to put up TheSavvyFreelancer.com for the benefit of all beginning and struggling freelancers. She hopes you enjoy it.

An avid blogger, Lexi also contributes to Contentrix and Freelance Folder.

Lexi Rodrigo

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