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Profiles of savvy freelancers who are enjoying creative and financial freedom through freelancing.

Will The Real James Chartrand Please Speak Up?

Ever since James Chartrand admitted that he wears women’s underpants, I’ve been intrigued by his story. But James has been in my radar, not only because of his underwear choices, but more importantly because: – he’s a successful copywriter, which is what I’d like to be when I grow up – his blog, is…

Meet Savvy Freelancer: Jarrod Thalheimer

This is the first of our savvy freelancer profiles. We’ll get to know successful freelancers, and hear their tips for achieving creative and financial freedom through freelancing. This is the part where I shut up and let savvy freelancers do the “talking.” Name: Jarrod Thalheimer Website: What do you do? Anything – I will…