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Could You Freelance Your Way Across the Globe?

I love traveling, and I love the fact you can freelance while traveling. Today, we have a guest post from Mark James, a former freelance writer who has successfully combined freelancing with traveling. As anyone who’s done a little traveling will concur, once you’ve caught the travel bug, it’s hard to make it go away….

iPad Apps for Writing

My iPad has become one of my writing tools, with the helps of these apps: 1. Evernote 2. Wikipanion 3. iThoughts HD 4. Plaintext 5. WordPress 6. Dropbox 7. Kindle For details, watch the video: What iPad apps do you use for writing? PS: I also got a kick out of making an iPad screen…

The Benefits of Dropbox for Freelancers

In this video, I show you how I use Dropbox and how it helps me in my freelancing work.