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7 Ways to Find Freelancing Work: What’s Working Now

This is what it must be like to get back in the dating game after being married for years. You feel like you’ve missed so much and you don’t know the landscape and culture anymore. You wonder if you’re still attractive. You put on your best clothes, but they seem outdated. You’re not cool anymore….

Who Says Freelancers Can’t Have a Regular Income?

As a freelancer, you’re probably resigned to the fact that your income is unstable. Your freelancing projects — and income — ebb and flow, depending on your marketing efforts, business seasons, or just plain luck. But did you know you can have a regular, predictable income? Yes, even if you’re a freelancer. The way to…

10 Alternative Sources of Income for the Full-Time Freelancer (or Employee)

Do you know what I hate and am terrified of? The idea that my income depends on one client, or one job. How scary that should this client drop me, or this business fold up, my family’s lifestyle and well-being would change drastically. And so I vowed that I would never depend on the one…

The Benefits of Dropbox for Freelancers

In this video, I show you how I use Dropbox and how it helps me in my freelancing work.

Data Storage Options for Freelancers

This is the second part in a series of blog posts about data security for freelancers. In the previous post, I discussed why data security is a crucial part of a freelancers’ work management, and the three types of data security we need to have: backup; archiving; and, synchronization. In this post, I’ll discuss the…