Day: July 18, 2019

The Good, Bad and the Ugly Side of Freelance GhostwritingThe Good, Bad and the Ugly Side of Freelance Ghostwriting

In the earlier days freelance ghostwriters were a revered lot. They were talented and had the necessary skills to guide celebrities into penning down their memories and could easily deal with complex issues with élan. They usually didn’t get a byline and it was also not that they needed one. They earned well and had lots of work lined up. Things however have changed, so much so that what we have now are plenty of ghostwriter but when it comes to talent or experience, not many would be able to qualify.


Perhaps the single most important distinguishing feature between a good and a bad ghostwriter is the fee they charge. For a bad ghostwriter or maybe the worst of them will put scant attention to the quality of their writing and would be all too eager to work at the cheapest rates. So what type of writing can you expect from a bad ghostwriter working at cheap rates.

Plagiarized Material: this is the worst kind possible, claiming someone else’s writing as his own without perhaps having written a single word of it. They won’t mind copying an entire piece word-for-word from some other website and then lay claim on it as something original. This is perhaps cheating at its best, cheating the original writer who has worked hard to come up with an article as well as cheating the unassuming client who paid for the article thinking it to be an original piece.

Poor Language: if there isn’t a sound understanding of even the basics of the English language then grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are bound to occur. Several reasons can be attributed to this lack of understanding of the English language, like the writer may well be located to some other part of the world and may not be used to speak English on a regular basis, or maybe the writer doesn’t have enough experience in conjuring up something on his own. But, whatever the reasons, bad sentences like “ghostwriting good is it. You should increasing you traffic overnight!” needs to be done away with.

Poorly Researched Material: if a topic hasn’t been researched thoroughly than it shows in the article and it is sure to leave a bad taste on anyone who goes though the article. Similar is the case with events that is poorly reported. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the case for not only ghostwriters who are new to the job but for experienced journalists with networks like CBS, ABC or NBC as well. Poorly researched material can give rise to misconceptions and put the credibility of the company at stake and good freelance ghostwriter will never come up with anything like it, no matter how ordinary or simple the subject may be.

General Content: for some freelance writers, any effort to inform, educate or entertain their readers may be the last thing they may have in their mind. They may be able to put together a clean piece of writing that perhaps has everything …