Being a Freelance or Temporary Employee in Bahrain

If you are moving abroad to take um overseas employment in Bahrain you will most likely be a temporary worker as the Bahrain government does not permit foreigners to become fully integrated into the society in Bahrain. If you are just considering going to Bahrain for employment and are wondering what is out there you should note that there are a lot of freelance and contract temporary jobs in Bahrain. The industries with the most opportunities are construction, ship building and repair, and oil.


While it is possible to come to Bahrain without a job and find your self a contract position, many foreign workers simply transition from one contract job to another. Often times foreign workers are able to stay in Bahrain for many years as they move from one temporary contract job to another.

If you are most interested in temporary casual work as opposed to a contract job then you may be able to find that type of position as well. Typically the best places to look for this type of work are office administration jobs, retail jobs during tourist season, restaurant jobs during tourist season, driving jobs during tourist season and something like nursing if you have all of the necessary qualifications. These types of jobs are usually advertised in English language newspapers and even with recruitment agencies. Women may have an easier time find this type of open position as there are almost always jobs for women who want to work in nightclubs as hostesses. Working as a hostess in a nightclub in Bahrain means that you would be talking to male customers in an effort to encourage them to run up a high bill at the bar in the club.

Recruitment agencies play a major role in placing foreign workers with local companies in Bahrain. You can even find offices of these agencies in major cities around the world like London and New York. Agencies usually have a specialization and do not charge a fee to workers. Fees are paid by employers instead. Besides filling placement for long term and short term contract workers, agencies also help expat wives take up employment in Bahrain. Agents usually help with visas and other paperwork and can even help expatriates that are changing jobs.

Remember that for any type of employment in Bahrain that foreigners are required to have a local sponsor to be able to legally work. Your employer will be your sponsor and will take care of making sure that you have all of the required paperwork and forms needed to be legally employed in the country. Your sponsor will also take care of opening up a bank account for you and signing a rental contract for you when you find a suitable place to live.

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