Exploring the Freelance Job Market

With gas priced at $4 per gallon and the unemployment rate as high as it is, there’s no doubt in my mind that people need to start finding new ways to make money, or make major modifications to their lifestyle. The latter is certainly an option, albeit a painful one, so I want to focus on the first option: making more money. I believe that the very best way to do this is to get involved in the freelance job market.


Many people do not realize it, but there are literally hundreds of people hiring for part-time jobs over the internet. Most of these jobs are pretty simple: article writing, directory submission, editing and proofreading, or creating accounts at social bookmarking networks, and some of these jobs pay rather well. If you have skills with computer programming or website design, you can make a whole lot of money. This can be a great way for you to earn the extra money you so desperately need to help pay off your bills.

My favorite place to find freelance jobs is this list of freelance jobs. It’s being updated constantly, and there’s all kinds of jobs available.

You can work as a freelancer part time if you want, or you can do it full time. Either way, if you budget your time appropriately, it gives you the flexibility to work whenever you can.

I’ve done a lot of freelance writing work the past few months because I was unable to find a good job. Freelancing gave me some disposable income during that time. Now that I have a part-time job, I still do some web design and writing jobs from time to time as a way to supplement my income.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, it is difficult to stay with freelance work for long periods of time. Most people find it difficult to get and stay motivated when they can work uninterrupted from their home computers. What I would best recommend to you is that you get out and try it. Sign up and get involved. There is no other way to figure out if this is truly right for you or not. Do one small project from start to finish, collect your pay, and see if this is something that you can do for an hour or two a day to help supplement your income.

Personally, I think this is a much better option than the alternatives.

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