Five Great Sites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Writers at any stage of a freelance career regularly scan online job boards for paying freelance writing jobs. Professional freelancers who are making a living as writers look to these boards to gain steady clients and increase their monthly writing income. Those who are newer to freelance writing scan these online job listings hoping to get a foot in the door and land that first paying freelance writing assignment.


Whether you are starting out as a writer and building a clip file, or you’re well established and looking to boost your monthly writing revenue, it’s important to know where to look for legitimate freelance writing jobs that pay. Here are a few online job boards for writers (some sites mentioned in this article are quite well established, while others are less well known places to look for work).

This article is geared more towards the beginning freelancer looking to get a foot in the door, but should also be useful for writers who have established a freelance career. Hopefully, these web sites will make the difficult search for paying freelance writing jobs a little easier.

Deborah Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs is considered one of the most popular sites to find freelance writing jobs. Many freelance writers swear by this site and make it their number one place to look for paying writing jobs.

At this site, you’ll find listings of quality freelance writing jobs that are updated regularly, as well as helpful articles about all aspects of a freelance writing career. The nice thing about Freelance Writing Jobs is that it is geared towards beginning freelancers as well as established writers. In fact, the site has many helpful articles about how to land that first paying writing gig; the article titled “Landing Your First Freelance Writing Job-Where to Begin?” should be required reading for those new to the freelance writing world.

At the Freelance Writing Jobs site, don’t miss the article called “23 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs and Freelance Blogging Jobs” (there is a link to this popular article on the front page of This article is a goldmine of other recommended sites to find freelance writing jobs that pay.

Accentuate Writers Forum is run by fellow Hubpages writer and freelancer Michelle L. Devon (also known as Michy). On the Paying Writing Jobs Forum, you will find a carefully compiled listing of quality freelance writing jobs. A lot of care is put into these postings, and there is a nice assortment of jobs for content providers as well as those who write for magazines.

In addition to offering a listing of freelance writing jobs, this site offers a place for writers to post and introduce themselves, and chat about a variety of topics. Accentuate Writers Forum has given many content providers, like those who write for Hubpages and Triond, a way to branch out and find paying freelance writing jobs for print publications.

Freelance is a huge site with an abundance of resources for the aspiring freelance writer. There are tons of freelance writing jobs listed and the site also offers articles about freelance writing, writer’s guidelines, discussion forums, writing contests and events.

Jobs range from high paying to extremely low paying; however, if you are looking to land that first paying freelance writing job, this could be the place to find it. This site truly has something for everybody; don’t forget to check out the resources for writers and the newsletter sections.

Online Writing Jobs is a job bank listing opportunities for freelance writers that is compiled from other job boards like Craigslist. There are openings for magazine writers, bloggers, and content providers. The freelance writing jobs listed here range from low paying gigs to higher paying jobs, but this is also a good place for the newer writer to look for that first paying assignment. is a blog by Robert, another fellow writer at Hubpages. This site is a real find for its detailed information about where to find paying freelance writing jobs for online writers. The author talks about his own experiences and earnings as a writer, and mentions a variety of freelance writing jobs like those at,,, and many more.

If you are currently writing for websites like Triond and Hubpages and wish to branch out and write for different websites, this site is an invaluable resource. This blog offers a nice balance of freelance writing jobs (geared towards the content provider) and insights from the author’s own experience as a working freelance writer.

Honorable Mentions

Check out fellow hubgpages and Triond writer Melanie Marten’s blog This site is a primer on how to be a successful content provider for websites. Melanie lists writing opportunities, resources and tips for becoming a successful online writer.

Finally, there’s always for a seemingly unlimited listing of freelance writing jobs. A caveat about Craigslist: there are a lot of scammers out there who are looking to take advantage of the relatively new writer, so be careful and use common sense when responding to listings.

That being said, Craiglist can be a wonderful resource for freelance writing jobs. Manhattan Craigslist and the section “Writing Gigs” can be a good place to hunt for work; do a search for telecommuting jobs if you’d like to work from home.

Let this list be a great starting place as you get out there and look for freelance writing jobs that pay. Whatever your experience level, there’s a freelance writing gig out there for you. Good luck in your search for freelance writing jobs!

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