Four Hidden Tax Deductions for Freelance Writers

Nearly all freelance writers dislike taxes. One dreads it each year. It isn’t as bad as what many people think it is. You are actually in a win win situation with yourself each time that you file taxes. Why? You can have goodies which are a write off. Here are four hidden tax deductions for freelance writers.



Yes, that’s right! Pens of any sort can be a deduction on taxes. You love to collect pens? Make sure to keep the receipt. It doesn’t matter how much the pen costs. You can write off as many pens as you want for the most part. The more expensive pen then you will be more happy. Each receipt at tax time will make it look like you got all of these goodies for nothing.


Any notebooks that you buy throughout the year can be a deduction too. It doesn’t matter if you bought fancy ones or regular ones. You can use it as a tax deduction at the end of the year as long as you have receipts for the notebooks. You can buy as many as you like. Notebooks are great for writing down title ideas. Another good thing they’re good for are writing down favorite quotes or sentences. One reason to keep a little one handy is to write down the names of people that you need to contact to write article on.


Make sure to keep a mileage log. This mileage log will help you long term. You want to keep the mileage log up to date for each trip that you take business wise. You want to keep track of the mileage all year long. You will be able to use your mileage as an deduction. You can even pay a driver and use it as a deduction that way too.


You want to invest in a camera. You need one to take pictures. Part of being a freelance writer is that you need a camera. You want to be able to supply pictures with your articles. Save the receipt for your camera each year. It doesn’t matter how much money that you spend on the camera so you might as well try to get top of the line stuff.

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