Freelance Bidding Online: Selecting the Right Projects.

This is Step Three in the freelance bidding online series for writers. We've covered setting up your profile and daily scanning of project lists. Now it is time for us to talk about to select the projects with the highest potential for successful bidding.

Most freelance sites provide you with a limited number of bidding points per month, depending upon the type of membership you have with them. You can easily use up your bidding points and waste a lot of time bidding on projects that aren't really worth your time, so you will need to be selective. Here are some tips for choosing those projects.

  • If you're a writer in the U.S., look for projects that originate there or are targeted towards U.S. writers. Employers who plan on hiring U.S. writers are more likely to offer a liveable wage for you.
  • Look at their project budget. If the amount of work required can't be bid within their budget and still make a decent wage, don't bother bidding.
  • Look for projects that list the subject matter and demand high quality writing. If you can deliver factual and well written material, they'll be willing to pay you a decent price for it.
  • Look for subject matter that you have related life experience to or have written about before. This can give you an edge over other writers submitting proposals.
  • If the project description is vague about details, such as word count or time frame, post a question about these details to clarify the terms before bidding, if you have that option on the site.

Picking quality projects to bid on, will give you quality projects to work on.



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