How the Internet Has Changed Freelance Writing

The Internet is an agent of change. Many changes have come due to the existence of the Internet. Information is more readily available on virtually any subject imaginable. Not only is information available but can be linked in the blink of an eye. Communication can happen in split seconds and allows people to connect far more easily than ever before. The Internet has changed the speed and availability of information in ways that many may not have thought possible.


The changes brought on by the Internet are also changing the face of freelance writing in many different ways. There are far more options and opportunities open for freelancers than ever before because of the Internet. Here are just a few examples of how the Internet is changing the business of freelance writing.

Writers need a Web site 
Serious freelance writers truly need a workable Web site to stay competitive in the business. A Web site acts much like an online business card. The fact is that more business and more opportunities are available to writers with a quality Web site. Creating a Web site is relatively simple with a variety of software programs and hosting options. There are even web hosting sites that will provide everything needed for writers to develop their Web sites. Many of these services are available for a low monthly fee.

Writers are now able to telecommute 
There are a growing number of online publishers who are searching for writers but do not need face to face contact. These jobs are often called telecommuting. The job requires the work to be sent via e-mail to the editor but does not require the writer to be on site. These opportunities allow writers in Florida to submit work to New York or California without the need to move. The competition for these jobs is usually fierce because there is a greater pool of writers trying to get the jobs.

Writers can easily work project by project 
Most freelance writers work from project to project. The Internet makes this process much easier and allows the writer to develop a series of online contacts with editors around the country or around the globe. Finding an editor that is searching for just one project is simple and normally fast when using the Internet.

Writers need to create an online promo 
Pursuing freelance opportunities requires writers to do a short form iof their full writing resume. Many of the online writing clients are searching for writers to provide online content. Some writers steer clear of these opportunities preferring to remain in the printed avenue. There is a great deal of money to be earned by writers who are willing to do a little searching.

The first thing that online clients want to see is a scaled down version of a full resume. This promo would highlight previous writing work and give a short biography of the writer. Many times these promos are just a page in length. Preparing a promo allows the writer to make increased numbers of contacts with online job markets.

The opportunities for freelance writers are almost endless with the Internet. Writers should search for the right jobs to fit their specific talents and needs. Develop a writing Web site, pursue the telecommuting jobs and publish work online. Doing these things will assist freelancers to embrace the changing writing market and open new doors for advancement and income.

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