How to Be a Successful Online Freelance Writer

While some may scoff at your chosen profession and slog off to retail or corporate or office work, as you sit at home in your pajamas with your laptop, pontificating the placement of a period, freelance writing from home, online, really is hard work. Or, I should say, it’s as hard as you let it to be. You have to come up with publishing venues, you have to come up with content ideas, you have to be fresh, and you have to be keep giving your readers what they want. While I’m sure this subject has been exploited to death on a freelance writer website like hubpages, allow me to offer my feelings on the matter. Follow these steps to online freelance writing success.


Multiple Subjects: One of the biggest concerns you are going to have a freelance writer is making sure that you have a reader base. Moreover your content must be discoverable. Addressing this issue, you need to have quality content on something that someone is going to want to read about. To that end, you should be well read on a diverse breath of subjects. Or you should have multiple viewpoints on the same subject. Take things from your own life that you enjoy doing; playing golf, cooking, gardening, watching TV; then write about that. It’s important to write what you know but it’s also important to write about things that are going to keep people interested in reading your work.

Join Forums: One of the things that’s very difficult for people to do who are not openly overt is to share with others. Writers often are criminally introverted. However the Internet creates a sealed vacuum for people to be able to share their work in forums. Chat rooms, discussion boards, and other such online forums allow freelance writers online the ability to share work with complete strangers. Who knows? You may make all sorts of interesting friends from all over the world who you may never meet.

Post Everywhere: Much the same as forums, posting the URL to your work anonymously in places where people are going to read it is a good idea. For example if you write a lot about music, when you write about a musician or a type of music that is similar to a popular musicians, go to their MySpace page and post your work there. You can also start a whole blog dedicated to a specific type of music or musician as I did with Fink. The same is true of your blog for just about anything. Having links back to your work in a multitude of places is a sure fire way to get loyal regular readers to see your online freelance writing.

Use Hyperlinks: People can be lazy. It’s a fact of life; if they don’t have an easy way to access your stuff they’re probably not going to put forth a lot of effort; at least at first. For that reason using hyperlinks in your text is a great idea. Hyperlinking your reader back to your pages is a great idea in a variety of places in your text. If you write about theater you can use hyperlinks HERE; if you write about finance, you can hyperlinks HERE, if you write about travel, you can use hyperlinks HERE. Hyperlinks are a fool proof route for people to be able to open up windows to your world.

Don’t Give Up: This is the biggest one; don’t give up. Keep writing about things you care about. You need to ask yourself if you were to keep writing and you knew no one would ever read, would you still write? If the answer is “yes” then you need to keep at it. Being a freelance writer from home is one of the most amazing jobs anyone can be lucky enough to have. But if you don’t keep after your dream, it will fizzle into thin air and you’ll only be left with the memory of an idea of a dream.


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