How to Become a More Efficient Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer is the dream of millions, but many writers fall short of their goals because they do not work efficiently. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to increase your productivity and your income. Simply use these tricks to boost how many articles you can write in the time you have.


Create a Schedule

When you are a freelance writer, it can be easy to get side tracked. By setting a schedule of when you will write and how much you will write, you are going to become more productive. Set aside blocks of time every day where you sit down to do nothing but write. When you do this, you should see a huge increase in your article productivity.

Write What you Know

Try to write articles about things you already know. The less research you have to do for a particular article, the faster you can write that article. Of course, the faster you are able to write, the more money you are going to make. So whenever possible, find topics that you know about to reduce how much time you have to write.

Time Yourself

There is nothing that will pressure a writer to write quickly that the ticking of the clock. So if you are having a hard time getting those articles written quickly, sit down and set a goal for how long you would like to spend on each article you write. Then time yourself on how long it takes you to write a typical article. Once you see how much time you need to shave off your writing time, slowly knock off a few minutes at a time.

Limit your Time in Forums

It can be very easy to tell yourself you are doing work when you are surfing around writing forums on different sites. Though spending time communicating with other freelance writers can be a great way to find out about opportunities, there is a point where it will hurt your efficiency as a writer. So allow your self a set amount of time every day to look at your favorite forums and then get to work.

Find Higher Paying Sites

Efficiency is not just about writing more in a particular time frame but making more for every article you write. So although sites like hubpages, ezine are great places to write for, you might want to apply for sites like Demand Studios and Internet Brands. If you are able to write articles for these sites, you could literally earn five times more than you are currently making. So if you want to increase your efficiency, keep an eye out for higher paying opportunities.

Keep a List of Article Ideas

Another way you can increase your efficiency is to combat writers block with a list of article ideas. By keeping a running list of articles you can write, you will help cut down the time you spending trying to find a subject to write about. This means that you can write more articles in less time because you do not have to think of ideas on the spot. So keep a word document with a variety of topics that you can use for inspiration.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to increase your efficiency as a freelance writer. If you take the time to work on these areas, you will inevitably see your earnings increase. So become the best freelance writer you can be by following these tips.

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