How to Hire a Freelancer and Outsource Your Projects

The idea of hiring a freelancer when you need to outsource your projects can make any small business owner panic. You may not know how to hire a freelancer. You may not like the idea of contracting an online professional you don’t know. You may not feel comfortable trusting someone else to complete projects as well as you do.


All small business owners want to be successful. With that success comes growth. Eventually, you may find you can’t get it all done yourself. You will also likely find you aren’t knowledgeable in some tasks that are essential to running a successful small business. There are a few things that will make hiring a freelancer easier.

1. Collect Bids – There are only so many hours in the day. If you are at point where you are already burning the small business candle at both ends, you may not have the time to actively seek out a freelancer. There are thousands of freelance professionals online. Searching and sifting through hundreds of websites to find those qualified may be impossible. Place an ad through a freelance board or RFP site. Let those qualified and available come to you.

2. Be Specific – When placing an online ad or RFP, be as specific as possible in what your needs are. Look at other ads that relate to your project and see what information other small business owners are including. If deadlines are involved, be sure to list that. Be detailed in your project description to ensure you are attracting only those freelancers with the proficiency you desire.

3. Expertise – Finding one freelancer to handle all of your tasks may sound ideal, but it is not always the best option. You will likely find some projects are completed to your standards and others are subpar. Do not hire a jack of all trades. If you have several projects to be done, seek out several professionals each specializing in a specific area. Conversely, you can hire an online business manager who will place those projects with qualified individuals for you.

4. Credentials and References – Always ask your potential candidates about their background and education. Complicated projects require experienced freelancers. Ask for references. If they have completed similar projects, they should be able to refer you to a few happy clients you can speak with. Do not rely on the glowing testimonials on their website. Speak with individuals directly. Your business is at stake. Take the extra step.

5. Work Samples – If you are hiring a freelancer writer or web designer, ask for work samples. Ask if they have previous projects available online that you can view. This will ensure their style is similar to what you are looking for.

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