How to Regain Your Joy as a Freelance Writer

Many new freelance writers are excited at the work-at-home opportunities set before them, the flexible schedule that allows them to write at their convenience and other perks that they lose their joy over time, as writing becomes more of a chore and a means to an end, rather than the fulfilment of a dream. How can you regain your joy as a freelance writer?

Remember Why You Started Freelancing

If you have spent several years working as a freelance writer, you may have lost sight of the reason why you set out on your new career path. But one way to regain your joy as a freelance writer is to take stock of your job situation and remember just why you started freelance writing.

Did you want to have more time to spend at home with your children? Did you adjust your schedule so that you could have the freedom to travel more? Have you achieved your financial goals that you set for yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this can help you to regain your joy, as you see that your efforts to change direction and work as a freelance writer have paid off over time.

Take Pride in Your Work

Freelance writers should take the time to actually look at their work, not just critically as they edit and proofread their work before submission to their client, but as a finished product that they are proud to put their name to.

Take time recalling your strengths as a freelance writer. Are you a strong travel writer? Are you fast and efficient at your work? Do you have a critical eye and attention to detail? All of these factors can help you to feel proud of your work and to regain your joy as a freelance writer if your work has started to feel more like drudgery than something to be proud of.

Freelance writing can be a thankless job, especially as you do not have a manager or a performance report telling you what a great job you are doing or how you are in line for promotion. If you have lost your joy, take stock of your situation and be determined to turn things around. Remember why you started freelancing and take pride in your work.


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