How to Set Yourself Up for Freelance Writing Success

There are many people who are turning to a career in freelance writing to make ends meet. These people are looking to add to their full time income or to even replace a lost job. Freelance writing is a great way to make money working from home. Many people that attempt to make money with freelance writing fail miserably. The reason for this is that they fail to take the proper steps to set themselves up for freelance writing success.


Step One

Create a place for you to work to make money freelance writing. Many people do not think about this as they go about trying to become a freelance writer. To be successful, you need to have a dedicated place just for your work. Writing sitting at your kitchen table will only work for so long and will not help you to achieve the success that you are looking for in freelance writing. You need to set up a mini home office to do your writing in. Even if the only place that you have is a corner of the bedroom, this space needs to be defined as the place where you do your writing. You can get an inexpensive desk at a yard sale or flea market to set up your office.

Step Two

Schedule a set amount of hours each week to work at your freelance writing if you want to be successful. Many people try their hand at freelance writing thinking that they will make a lot of money without having to do a lot of work. This is not the case. To become a freelance writer, you need to treat this just like any other job that you have had. You need to dedicate hours each week to your career and do not neglect your freelance writing. Look at it like you are punching a time clock every time that you log in to work. You get out of freelance writing what you put into it.

Step Three

Practice patience as you build your freelance writing career. Newcomers to becoming a freelance writer, often get discouraged after their first month of writing because they are not making a lot of money like the seasoned freelance writers are. You can not compare yourself to writers who have been working at this longer then you have. It will take time to build your freelance writing career to the level that you want it to be at. The good news is that the more that you work at it; you will achieve your freelance writing success faster.

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