Lose the Freelancer Bulge with a Low Carb Diet

Adopting a low carb diet is a great way to attack the freelancer bulge. It is also useful for anyone who has a job that requires you put in more time in a chair than standing or moving around. A person can individually tailor his medical needs into a low carb lifestyle, or simply follow a plan like Dr. Atkins has already established.

Getting Started

Before you run out to the store and buy every low carb book on the shelf, you must determine if you are really ready to start a lifestyle change. A low carb diet requires commitment. It is not something that a person can do half heartedly. Implementing high protein and fat into your diet can actually lead to weight gain if you're not cutting carbohydrates. It can't be stressed enough that you have to be committed.

Ask yourself, am I ready to lose weight, feel fabulous, and get back into the size I wore before I became as mobile as a snail? If your answer is yes, shout it out so that it resounds throughout the room, tell yourself you can do it, and lay the groundwork.


Since you have decided that a low carb lifestyle is right for you, it is now time to start the grocery fling. If you are like me, you have a bag of Oreos, stuffed somewhere in the cabinet for emergencies. You may even have good food items like, oranges or grapefruits tucked away. On the first leg of your low carb diet many foods are strictly forbidden.

Clear your pantry of fruits, potatoes, pastas, rice, sugary snacks, corn, flour, sugar, and bread. You don't have to toss these food items. If you have canned food or unopened food packages, donate them to your local food pantry, or pass them along to a friend or family member. Remember, these small sacrifices are important in order to keep temptation as far from you as possible. To slay a dragon you must have the right weapon, so arm yourself for your new lifestyle!

Grocery Shopping

In the first few weeks, Dr. Atkins recommends two weeks, you are going to eat very few carbohydrates. This causes your body to go into a state called ketosis and allows your body to start burning your stored fat. This is completely awesome, for those of us who have been saving fat for a rainy day.

The best way to combat the most miserable days of the diet is to have good, low carbohydrate foods stored in the house. The first few days of the diet is the hardest, because anytime you limit something you like, your body wants it. I could go without a potato for six months, but when I tell myself I can't have one anymore, all I want is a potato.
Be prepared!

Make sure to have low carb foods that are easy grab-and-go type foods, as well as foods that require a little preparation. It is important that you purchase a nutrition guide that lists both portion sizes and the carbohydrate content of food. Good guides will include fast food as well.

Purchase good quality meat. This is the time you can actually not feel guilty for eating a bacon wrapped filet mignon, or having bacon and eggs for breakfast. Don't skimp on the portions, but only eat until you are satisfied. Remember you can eat meats like ground round, ground turkey, or sirloin. Lamb, chicken breast, cabeza, anything you want as far as meat is concerned is allowable.

Select dairy products like cheese, sour cream, real butter, and whipping cream. You can also add nuts into your diet. Almonds, macadamia, Brazil nuts, and pecans are great choices. Always check the carbohydrate count for each of these foods.

Green vegetables are great for the low carb diet. Fresh spinach, lettuce, celery, olives, asparagus and green beans. These vegetables are low in carbohydrates and are high in vitamins.

Consult your nutrition guide to determine the exact carbohydrate per serving amount of each food listed.


You can lose weight on the Atkins diet without adding a lot of exercise, but face it, exercise really is good for you. So, find an activity that you can incorporate into your work day. Just adding a few simple exercises into your day will be beneficial and speed the weight loss process.


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