Some Fun Freelance Jobs to Bring in Some Extra Money

Job downsizing, lay offs, cut hours – there isn’t anyone I know who has not been affected by the economy lately but what others see as a bad thing I see as a GREAT chance to try to develop another job (potential career) on the side. for me as a nanny (only working 15 hours a week) it’s photography that is my fun side job and I’m quickly building a reputation around town as the best budget photographer- which is so much fun. Anyhow here are some other fun freelance jobs that you could try on the side (or full time if you’ve gotten laid off)


PHOTOGRAPHER– as I mentioned above this is the secondary (or freelance) job that I do in addition to my normal day job and I hope to do it full time in the future. all you need is a good quality camera and a computer (with a cd burner, color printer and an editing program). to start with you’ll need to set up a portfolio and possible a website – for more in depth tips on how to start a photography biz see my article on the topic. 

– there are so so many people out there (including myself) that can do basic makeup but have no clue how to do the more fancy stuff like the smooky eye or the flawless foundation- you can make a good little side job out off lending your services to brides, photographers (or their clients), highschool students getting ready for a dance and a number of other events. You’ll need a biz card and a bunch of really high quality make up (working with numorous clients you might encounter people with face allergies to the cheaper kinds of makeup so be sure to invest in the good stuff) – see if you can shadow and help out with a current makeup artist to learn some of their tricks and tips.

MASSAGE THERAPIST– you need to get a degree for this- but there are several schools where you can achieve this in just a few short months. I’ve got a friend who does massage and she takes her table to the clients house AND has space for clients to come to her home, you can specialize in a certain type of massage or market to a target audience (like pregnant ladies) or just try to get whatever jobs you can. Free massage coupons are great to start out and get some references and maybe throw in some fun promotions like a free massage when someone refers three paying customers

EVENT PLANNER- this one is one of those jobs that you’ve gotta really love, the stress levels can be high- read as much literature as you can, talk with fellow event planners, maybe even volunteer to help them out for a bit to get the hang of it. Weddings are the biggest events that are in demand for planners, you may have to offer your services free or at a very discounted rate for the first or even first and second weddings to get some credibility. Childrens parties, reunions, graduations parties and holiday events might be other types of events you could plan. 

 there are plenty of people who don’t have the time, the desire or even the ability to shop, for basic things like groceries or even Christmas gifts, this one can sometimes fall into the category of random errands to like picking up dry cleaning and taking the car to get the snow tires off- it’s kinda a personal assistant. 

 once you get a house or two that you clean (and clean well) you’ll start getting referred to friends or your clients and your biuz could build rather quickly, the key to being successful is adding special touches, like fresh flowers on the table or hand towels folded fancy, a freshener in the vacuum to make the carpet smell great, eco friendly cleaners- you’ve got to enjoy this kind of work though cause otherwise you’ll dread it and it’ll show in your work.

YARDSALE HOST- if you live in a place that is always sunny this is a great one, you can charge by the hours or by percentage of profit from the sale. basically you are hired to sit out with all the stuff and collect the money from buyers, and in some cases take care of all the left over stuff, to a local thrift store or back into boxes and stacked in the garage for next years sale. if you love to read and are social this could be the perfect job for you, and you might find treasures for your self while you’re at it.

PET/HOUSE SITTERPE- if you’re a responsible type this is a great job for you, loveing pets is an added bonus, typical tasks will be, plant watering, pet walking/feeding, fetching the mail, dusting and whatever else the home/pet owner would like you to do. Great job for someone who lives with parents or somewhere where they don’t pay rent.

alright- well I hope one of those sparked an interested in you- maybe you could be on your way to a great career or at least a fun side job- GOOD LUCK

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