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How to Win Bids as a FreelancerHow to Win Bids as a Freelancer

When you become a freelancer, you have to find a way to create an income every single day. Many freelancers do this by bidding on freelance job boards. The problem they come across is there are millions of people bidding on the same job as they are. So how do you make your bid stand out, how do you win the bids so you can earn money?

The first thing you need to do in order to win a bid on a freelance site is to understand your skills, what are you offering. If you are a writer, it is important that you focus only on writing jobs for the time being. You do not want to waste your bids on jobs that you are not qualified to do. If you decide you would like to get into another niche, study it, and learn everything you can about it, but always stick to what you know.

Second, you need to decide what your work is worth. I see thousands of posts for transcribers for example. These jobs offer one dollar to nine dollars per audio hour. Now that may seem okay for some, people may think hey, nine dollars and hour that's not bad for working at home. In reality, these jobs can take anywhere from four to six hours to do so you really are making pennies. So how much is your work worth? Once you determine a price, you look for jobs that are within that price range. For example, if you work as a copy typist, and you charge $.04 per word, only bid on jobs that will average out to $.04 per word. You must ensure you are making money.

The third thing you should do if you are trying to win bids is to make sure your profile is filled out. What is your education, your skills, your job history? Do you have a portfolio? Have you ever published anything? These are all things that should be filled out on your profile.

Next, you need to begin taking test. Each freelance job site has tests that can be taken in order to show employers that you are skilled for the jobs they need you for. Some of the sites provide these tests for free while others will charge a fee for them. It is very important that you spend some time and take these test. There are some jobs that you can't even bid on if you have not taken the relevant test. Make sure you score as high as you can because employers can see your scores.

Finally it is time to place a bid. How do you make your bid stand out? If everyone is bidding around the same price and same time period to deliver, you can stand out by offering better. Over to do it for a little less money than everyone else, do it in less time. The way I work, is I will bid on projects, but only accept …

5 Ways To Relax While Working From Home5 Ways To Relax While Working From Home

Working from home is one of the things which might sound like a dream come true to many people but only those who have done it know its true horrors. Working from home many times takes a toll on the mind of the user as there aren’t people all-around working with whom they can talk to or even if not talking, then simply look at.



People who work in a proper workplace have got this advantage which is not available to the people who are working from home. So, you must relax your mind as well as your body while working at home because if you won’t then it’ll seriously affect your productivity. Here, we will tell you about the tips which you can follow to relax while working from home.

Reset the workspace

Your parents might have told you many times to clean the table on which you work or study and you must have taken them lightly. Well, it seems like they were correct all the time. However, engaged you might be at work find some amount of time to reset the place where you work. Keep it neat and tidy. Clean the workplace whenever you get time. Arrange the things which are not lying in proper order. This will help a lot.


Get a massager

Sitting in one place and working throughout the day can take a toll on your body. Invest in a good massager that can help you relax. If you can afford it, a massage chair is the best investment. If not, cheaper alternatives like back massager or foot massager can serve the need depending on what works best for you.

Cook something

This is another very effective way which you can use to relax the mind while at work. Just get up from your desk and head to the kitchen to cook some quick snacks or whatever you like to eat. This will work in two ways. Firstly, it will satiate the cravings that arise during working and secondly, it will distract your mind from work and give you the much-needed break.

Take a stroll

This is one of the simplest things that you can do while working from your home to relax your mind as well as your body. Whenever you feel exhausted just get up from your chair and walk around the house. You can go from one room to another or can go to the roof or the balcony where you can easily get some fresh air as well as sunlight.

Listen to music

Another popular way to relax your mind while working at home is listening to some music. You can plug in your earphones or you can get the speaker thumping. Music soothes the mind. All that you need to do it close your eyes and feel it while relaxing.

Breathing exercises

This is one of the simplest things that you can do to relax your mind. This doesn’t demand anything from you. …

The Trials and Tribulations of a Freelance WriterThe Trials and Tribulations of a Freelance Writer

You love to write. It is your passion. You just know that people will love what you have to say and the way you say it. You intend to join the ranks of struggling freelance writers and set about making a name for yourself. The internet is an ideal place. There are so many writers out there, and they are actually getting paid. You just know that you can write as well as many of them and even better than most. You find a site and are on your way to becoming a world-famous writer.

Then reality comes to call.

One thing many new writers neglect to take into consideration is that writing just does not always pay that well. Okay, if you are Stephen King, you can pull down some big bucks. Even Stephen King, however, did not start out making a gazillion dollars per book. The internet, while a great place on which to write, can be especially brutal. The owners of the various sites are trying to make money, too. The way they do that is through advertising dollars; therefore, they are interested in content that will bring in those advertising dollars. Truthfully, they could probably care less that you have degrees upon top of degrees from accredited universities and that you could very well have the next Great American Novel locked up in your head. They want to know that you can attract viewers. (No one really cares if they actually read your stuff or not.) For this reason, most sites will pay you based upon the number of views you can draw to your articles. It does seem at times that they pay you less for views in order to encourage you to promote your articles more so you can attract more views. Of course, you do it. You need those pennies you are being paid.

Another thing that new writers seem not to take into account is the editor. You may believe that your article is perfect. Your editor will not see it that way. You really cannot spend any of your time arguing with them, though, because they are nameless and faceless. They are out there in cyberspace somewhere and may never read another one of your articles ever again. You see, you never seem to get the same editor twice. This presents another whole set of problems. One editor may tell you that you need more detail in your articles. You make the changes and focus on adding detail in future articles. A new and different editor comes along and tells you that you have too much detail in your article. One editor will tell you not to include any explanations of things that are probably obvious to the reader. Another editor will want you to explain every little detail. (I have tried to draw them pictures on the computer to no avail, so I suggest you not try it and just make the changes.) I had an editor tell me …

Freelancing Tips- Commitment and FocusFreelancing Tips- Commitment and Focus

Freelancing is a profession that takes commitment and focus. You can have two freelancers, both in the same profession and experienced in their field; both who deliver fantastic work but who earn very different incomes.


So why is it that one can earn twice as much as the other when both are so identical in experience and professions?

Is one more skilled?

Does one give more effort?

The real truth of the matter is commitment and focus. While both have the potential to earn the same, the one with more commitment and focus will always earn more.

Willingness to commit to a freelancing career is essential, along with the willingness to seek out help when needed and to be able to recognize and accept the opportunity for help when it shows itself. Since freelancers have to be confident and self-aware, they often have a stubborn attitude. Many feel like they don’t need help or that by asking for it, they are showing a weakness.

In fact, accepting help is a strength and one that can help you go very far in freelancing. Don’t refuse guidance from those who have gone before you and can help you to have a smoother road yourself. This is all part of the commitment that can help you earn more as a freelancer.

Focus is equally essential as it is not enough just to want success. You need to be able to commit to goals and then focus until you achieve them. This is one of the most important freelancing tips you will ever receive.

Freelancing itself can be an unstable career choice. But it is also one that comes with many benefits if you plan properly. For example, there is no cap to your earning potential when you are a freelancer. However, many less committed freelancers find themselves struggling every day just to get by, find or complete assignments and stay on task.

This is where your focus will come in to be important. When you don’t have the commitment and discipline to stay focused on your goals, achieving them will be much more difficult, if not impossible.

Forbes shares 9 Steps to Freelancing Success which is a great resource to any freelancer looking to find more focus and commitment.

If you are not yet committed to freelancing, you should ask yourself Is Freelancing Really for You?

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Five Great Sites to Find Freelance Writing JobsFive Great Sites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Writers at any stage of a freelance career regularly scan online job boards for paying freelance writing jobs. Professional freelancers who are making a living as writers look to these boards to gain steady clients and increase their monthly writing income. Those who are newer to freelance writing scan these online job listings hoping to get a foot in the door and land that first paying freelance writing assignment.


Whether you are starting out as a writer and building a clip file, or you’re well established and looking to boost your monthly writing revenue, it’s important to know where to look for legitimate freelance writing jobs that pay. Here are a few online job boards for writers (some sites mentioned in this article are quite well established, while others are less well known places to look for work).

This article is geared more towards the beginning freelancer looking to get a foot in the door, but should also be useful for writers who have established a freelance career. Hopefully, these web sites will make the difficult search for paying freelance writing jobs a little easier.


Deborah Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs is considered one of the most popular sites to find freelance writing jobs. Many freelance writers swear by this site and make it their number one place to look for paying writing jobs.

At this site, you’ll find listings of quality freelance writing jobs that are updated regularly, as well as helpful articles about all aspects of a freelance writing career. The nice thing about Freelance Writing Jobs is that it is geared towards beginning freelancers as well as established writers. In fact, the site has many helpful articles about how to land that first paying writing gig; the article titled “Landing Your First Freelance Writing Job-Where to Begin?” should be required reading for those new to the freelance writing world.

At the Freelance Writing Jobs site, don’t miss the article called “23 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs and Freelance Blogging Jobs” (there is a link to this popular article on the front page of freelancewritinggigs.com.) This article is a goldmine of other recommended sites to find freelance writing jobs that pay.


Accentuate Writers Forum is run by fellow Hubpages writer and freelancer Michelle L. Devon (also known as Michy). On the Paying Writing Jobs Forum, you will find a carefully compiled listing of quality freelance writing jobs. A lot of care is put into these postings, and there is a nice assortment of jobs for content providers as well as those who write for magazines.

In addition to offering a listing of freelance writing jobs, this site offers a place for writers to post and introduce themselves, and chat about a variety of topics. Accentuate Writers Forum has given many content providers, like those who write for Hubpages and Triond, a way to branch out and find paying freelance writing jobs for print publications.


Freelance Writing.com is a huge site with an abundance of resources …

How to Become a More Efficient Freelance WriterHow to Become a More Efficient Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer is the dream of millions, but many writers fall short of their goals because they do not work efficiently. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to increase your productivity and your income. Simply use these tricks to boost how many articles you can write in the time you have.


Create a Schedule

When you are a freelance writer, it can be easy to get side tracked. By setting a schedule of when you will write and how much you will write, you are going to become more productive. Set aside blocks of time every day where you sit down to do nothing but write. When you do this, you should see a huge increase in your article productivity.

Write What you Know

Try to write articles about things you already know. The less research you have to do for a particular article, the faster you can write that article. Of course, the faster you are able to write, the more money you are going to make. So whenever possible, find topics that you know about to reduce how much time you have to write.

Time Yourself

There is nothing that will pressure a writer to write quickly that the ticking of the clock. So if you are having a hard time getting those articles written quickly, sit down and set a goal for how long you would like to spend on each article you write. Then time yourself on how long it takes you to write a typical article. Once you see how much time you need to shave off your writing time, slowly knock off a few minutes at a time.

Limit your Time in Forums

It can be very easy to tell yourself you are doing work when you are surfing around writing forums on different sites. Though spending time communicating with other freelance writers can be a great way to find out about opportunities, there is a point where it will hurt your efficiency as a writer. So allow your self a set amount of time every day to look at your favorite forums and then get to work.

Find Higher Paying Sites

Efficiency is not just about writing more in a particular time frame but making more for every article you write. So although sites like hubpages, ezine are great places to write for, you might want to apply for sites like Demand Studios and Internet Brands. If you are able to write articles for these sites, you could literally earn five times more than you are currently making. So if you want to increase your efficiency, keep an eye out for higher paying opportunities.

Keep a List of Article Ideas

Another way you can increase your efficiency is to combat writers block with a list of article ideas. By keeping a running list of articles you can write, you will help cut down the time you spending trying to find a subject to write about. This means that …

5 Tips from a Freelance Designer: Become a Jack of All Trades5 Tips from a Freelance Designer: Become a Jack of All Trades

I know, it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. The idea of no longer needing to specialize in one area of the technology field is boggling to some and very natural to others, but it is a truth: being a freelance designer means bringing a deck of professional skills to the table.

  1. Focus On the Basic Principles: Working for web or print output, packaging or UI design means using the same basic design principles of color, typography, and grids. Spend some time developing a strong portfolio in several output options that show you have the creativity and experience to tackle a full project.
  2. Follow Trends: Your client knows what they want based on what is coolest right now. So know what is coolest and how to create it.
  3. Make Every Piece Count: Yes, you’ve got to get a start somewhere and yes, it’s tempting (and almost involuntary) to take every project that comes your way. Don’t. Every single piece that you create, even the most basic logo design, have to be prime examples of your very best work. This is much more important when starting out than you would think. Unfortunately it can hurt the wallet in the beginning but it will pay off financially, emotionally, and professionally in the long run.
  4. Keep a Specialization: Build your reputation on a specialized area that you can consistently deliver. In the end it is your reputation that will bring clients back to you with more ideas and future projects.
  5. Balance it Out: Don’t spend so much time learning new technologies, languages, and techniques that you let your work lag. People are getting to know you. Don’t let them down by not producing work in at least two areas of commerce (Etsy, DeviantArt, and Stock Distribution sites are great starter choices) while you buff up your portfolio with pieces that really make you shine.

Taking this route does take more time to achieve a point of success you’re happy with. My very best advice: if you’re even considering this path, get started now. Don’t wait – make up projects to work on. Pretend a massive company has hired you and create every piece of material they might need designed. Then, do it again.…

A Freelancer’s Guide to Everything ElanceA Freelancer’s Guide to Everything Elance

Why are so many freelancers jumping onto the Elance bandwagon, and buckling themselves in for a long and prosperous ride?


There is no one easy answer to that question. I could wax poetic about how Elance is by far the best site for freelance jobs on the net, but that tells you less than nothing about what truly makes Elance stand out from the crowd.

Since there is no simple way to sum up what Elance can do for freelancers, we’ll take the long route, I’ll give you the million-dollar tour, and I let the site features speak for themselves.

Elance’s main page sums it up with: Find work. Deliver results. Get paid. What they can’t tell you in a short catchy tagline are the large number of site features that go along with these three steps designed specifically to ensure that the freelancer thrives. So the first stop on our Elance tour is the Sign Up.


Elance offers four plans to suit every freelancer’s needs: the free basic plan, the professional plan, the small business plan, and the large business plan. For individuals, starting out with the basic plan is a great way to test the water, but you’ll soon want to upgrade to the professional plan in order to bid on more jobs and get priority in search rankings. The small business plan is designed for companies with five employees or less, and the large business plan is for companies of unlimited size.


The first step, once you’ve chosen your plan level, is to select a work category to be listed in from the following: Admin Support, Design and Multimedia, Engineering and Manufacturing, Finance and Management, Legal, Sales and Marketing, Web Programming, Writing and Translation. Choosing a work category allows you to submit bids for jobs that are listed in that category, and allow buyers to find you in searches for experts in those particular fields. But what if your skills span two or more categories? Not a problem. All of the Elance paid plans allow the option of choosing additional work categories for a small monthly price.


Next stop on our tour is Connects. Each plan gives users a monthly allotment of connects, which are used to bid on jobs. Lower budgeted jobs require less connects than bigger budget projects, and extra connects can be purchased at any time.

The connect system is a great way to weed out the riff-raff found on other freelancing sites, like the ones who spam every job post with useless bids. Connects ensure that the bids come from serious bidders who have read the job description and are really interested in the project. A nice change from those other sites. But what good are connects if buyers don’t know who you are and why they should hire you? That leads us to our next stop:


This is where you get to strut your stuff, show off your skills, experience, and credentials, and make yourself stand out from …

Some Fun Freelance Jobs to Bring in Some Extra MoneySome Fun Freelance Jobs to Bring in Some Extra Money

Job downsizing, lay offs, cut hours – there isn’t anyone I know who has not been affected by the economy lately but what others see as a bad thing I see as a GREAT chance to try to develop another job (potential career) on the side. for me as a nanny (only working 15 hours a week) it’s photography that is my fun side job and I’m quickly building a reputation around town as the best budget photographer- which is so much fun. Anyhow here are some other fun freelance jobs that you could try on the side (or full time if you’ve gotten laid off)


PHOTOGRAPHER– as I mentioned above this is the secondary (or freelance) job that I do in addition to my normal day job and I hope to do it full time in the future. all you need is a good quality camera and a computer (with a cd burner, color printer and an editing program). to start with you’ll need to set up a portfolio and possible a website – for more in depth tips on how to start a photography biz see my article on the topic. 

– there are so so many people out there (including myself) that can do basic makeup but have no clue how to do the more fancy stuff like the smooky eye or the flawless foundation- you can make a good little side job out off lending your services to brides, photographers (or their clients), highschool students getting ready for a dance and a number of other events. You’ll need a biz card and a bunch of really high quality make up (working with numorous clients you might encounter people with face allergies to the cheaper kinds of makeup so be sure to invest in the good stuff) – see if you can shadow and help out with a current makeup artist to learn some of their tricks and tips.

MASSAGE THERAPIST– you need to get a degree for this- but there are several schools where you can achieve this in just a few short months. I’ve got a friend who does massage and she takes her table to the clients house AND has space for clients to come to her home, you can specialize in a certain type of massage or market to a target audience (like pregnant ladies) or just try to get whatever jobs you can. Free massage coupons are great to start out and get some references and maybe throw in some fun promotions like a free massage when someone refers three paying customers

EVENT PLANNER- this one is one of those jobs that you’ve gotta really love, the stress levels can be high- read as much literature as you can, talk with fellow event planners, maybe even volunteer to help them out for a bit to get the hang of it. Weddings are the biggest events that are in demand for planners, you may have to offer your services …

Tips I Wish a Freelance Journalist Had Told MeTips I Wish a Freelance Journalist Had Told Me

My route into freelance journalism was haphazard. Once I picked up these tips, everything fell into place.

  • Scout constantly for news. Editors rely on freelancers for extra news. Train yourself to find it for them. Look for potential stories around you, and then research them for newsworthiness. The first time I pitched stories to an editor, I emailed her five ideas. She selected the fifth idea, but I had neglected to research that one, and it turned out to be a dead end. Once you have dutifully researched, scout on to find the right publication for your ideas.
  • Generate clips any way you can. The first newspaper I wrote for was a “penny saver” I grabbed on the way out of a grocery store. I wrote three articles for free for that newspaper and used the clips to legitimize myself to paying editors. When you draft story pitch emails, include links to your published clips. If the clips are not online, upload them to a personal webpage and link to them there.
  • Specialize for your benefit. By freelancing, you can employ your wacky hobbies and career sidesteps. If you did a stint in the rodeo, you may have expertise to write about the rodeo circuit. If you work in a restaurant, you could become a food critic. You may even want to maintain a day job in your specialty to scout for stories and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Then you can target industry publications with your story pitches.
  • Set expectations with editors. Before beginning an assignment, make sure you are in sync with the editor and publication. Resist the urge to be obliging and instead resolve any uncertainties you have. I like to get expectations in writing, usually in email, including the pay rate and formatting guidelines.
  • Go for it! I would have saved lots of worry and garnered many more clips if I was simply confident that I could do this. It is doable to be a freelance journalist. Any of the wonderful Yahoo contributors could tell you that. Get to work, freelancer. You can do this.