Times It’s Best to Deny a Freelance Graphic Design Client

Every time a freelance graphic designer denies a graphic design assignment from a client, twelve fairies drop dead. There’s absolutely nothing on earth that could make a freelance designer turn down work – or is there? Following are five times it’s probably best to pass your design client to someone else.


#1: You think the client might be trying to scam you

There lots of clients for freelance graphic artists to choose from (and fight other designers off of) but with the large number of freelance graphic design clients comes a large number of scammers. There are lots of scams that graphic artists may face on a daily basis and all of them should be avoided.

If you feel that a graphic design client is trying to get over on you, it’s best to deny taking them on as a client. Having a feeling that you are getting ripped-off means nothing if you allow it to happen. Follow your instincts because there are other fish in the sea, and you’d rather be safe than sorry.

#2: You’ve had a bad experience with them in the past

As a freelance graphic designer you’ll deal with all types of clients (with a wide range of different personalities), with the sheer number of clients you’ll have to face; there’s no doubt that you’ll face some clients that you won’t get along with all too well. When dealing with “nasty” graphic clients in your freelance business, you can never get done with the project soon enough.

It’s odd, but lots of times the annoying, nasty, or demanding client will be completely oblivious to the fact that you hate their guts, and if your work is good, they’ll contact you again and again for more work in the future. The money isn’t worth the difficulty and stress of dealing with these clients – deny working for them again.

#3: The client has unrealistic expectations

There are lots of graphic design clients out there that believe graphic designers have a magic “design button” that gets all of their design work done with just one press. These clients obviously don’t want to make your work too easy so they come up with impossible design goals that you’ll never be able to meet. They’ll want you to animate a still image, draw the back of their head (while giving you a picture of the front), or create a live website that reflects their every facial expression.

If you explain to these clients that as a freelance artist, these design plans are out of your scope (or anyone’s for that matter), they’ll just ask you to do your best (they know you have that magic design button handy). Don’t do your best – get out of dodge.

#4: The client is not planning to pay

There are lots of ways of telling whether or not a client is planning to pay you. If a client raises suspicion of being delinquent with the payment, don’t kid yourself – head for the hills. You became a freelance graphic artist to get paid and if the client isn’t going to pay (or put you through too much to get paid), you’d be better served letting someone else deal with the cheapskate. Dealing with cheap clients will cost you both, time and money – which translates to money and money.

#5: You’re just too busy

As a freelance graphic artist, it’s almost a rule written in stone to never turn down a qualified client that’s willing to pay. Freelance artists know that every time they complete a graphic design project, they’re basically unemployed again. Graphic designers will usually try to hoard as many clients as possible (without passing out too often), but if you find yourself beyond the limit of clients you can possibly take – it’s best to either let the client know you’re slumped or let them find another freelance graphic artist. We owe it to all graphic design clients (that aren’t jerks) to keep their good faith in the freelance graphic design industry intact – don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

– You just been exposed to the fact that, yes, there are times to deny a freelance design client. If you’ve ever had to deny a client, should have denied one, or wished that you had, drop a line in the comment box. I’d love to hear from you.

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