Why Freelancers Can Benefit as Temps

When temporary agencies first started out, they were institutions meant to promptly supply substitutes for its clients. Representatives of temp agencies administered employment based on a frequent shifting of associates, which is why such positions were known as “temporary positions”. Throughout the years, temporary agencies have evolved into a wider range of opportunities for those seeking quick and accurate employment that will fit their qualifications. They are no longer called temporary employees but now can become permanent ones. It isn’t so surprising to know that people nowadays are now becoming more and more affiliated with such establishments.

In the modern world of temp agencies, it isn’t so odd to hear a person labeling themselves as an associate. In the temp “dictionary”, an associate is another word for a temp worker. The great thing about working as a temp associate while being a freelancer is you have a flexible schedule where you can tell your representative what hours you need. If you are a freelancer such as myself, this may be the perfect choice for you. The work is very minimal and it gives you plenty of time to work at your freelance job. Not to mention the best part: making extra money on the side.

As any freelancer can tell you, all work is based on a hopeful basis. You’re your own boss, which is applicable to hubpages. You are free to choose how many articles you’re going to write and when you want to write them while it’s in the Content Managers’ hands to decide how much your article is worth. At other such websites or even magazines or newspapers, you have to reach a certain deadline. It’s hard to make a living writing for hubpages unless you plan on writing a great deal and with valuable content. This is why holding a temp job on the side is a good choice, especially for amateur writers.

The one major benefit of working as a temp AND freelancer is you don’t have to worry about job security. Nearly every temp agency I’ve worked for has offices throughout the country. You build up a wonderful reputation if you stick with one temp agency and if you do your research well enough, you may find an agency that offers medical benefits. It also gives you experience in a wide array of companies. In all the temp agencies I’ve worked for, I’ve worked in construction companies, aerospace industry, music industry, and architectural design firms. All of these places not only gave me experience but also ideas for article topics.

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